Pictures of my penis

My posts don’t have any naughty pictures. Instead, they’re all here! You can read about my shock at discovering that I wasn’t normal, and what I’m doing about it on my blog.

I have the most extreme case of tight foreskin imaginable. With consistent daily stretching, the Internet says I should have it working properly in a few months. My doctor approves, so let’s put it to the test.

Don’t make the mistakes I did. Read the guide instead.

Starting point & Week 1

Here is my penis, semi-erect, before I started my journey. It’s been like this my whole life, because I didn’t know anything was out of the ordinary.

flaccid penis with pinhole phimosisHere it is relatively erect. I just bought the latest crazy megapixel phone so if you zoom in I swear you can see actual skin cells.
erect penis with pinhole phimosis

I applied some old mometasone furoate 0.1% cream twice daily. Within a few days, my foreskin became very soft and pliable, like play dough. I researched the science behind it here.

During week 1, I didn’t have any special tools. The chopstick incident hurt like hell. I had to improvise. I create the funnel shape as close as I can to the opening, and try to pry it open. It’s just like opening a bag of candy. I hold this stretch for five to ten minutes at a time, three times a day.

stretching technique for pinhole phimosisWeek 2

At the start of week 2, I had no visible improvement. The foreskin is pink because of all the stretching. This is what happens when I pull back all the way.
erect penis with severe pinhole phimosis

I needed something I can leave in to provide continuous, gentle stretching. I ordered a full set of silicone flesh tunnels from Amazon, but they would not arrive for many weeks. While I waited, I found a pair from a local store Ardene.

The tubes are precisely 3mm in diameter, but the caps on the ends are 5mm. I had to cut the end off one to get it in. The first time I inserted it, it was difficult. Now I use some astroglide lube and I can slip it in in seconds.

silicone flesh plugs

This is how I spend my days. I don’t like to walk around because I’m afraid I’ll get poked. My glans has never before been touched by anything in my life.

Fixing phimosis with silicone flesh plugs
I’m a grower.

Midway through the week I discovered the trick of wrapping the flesh plug with PTFE tape, to gradually expand its size. It’s more comfortable to wear.


Week 3

At the start of the week, you cannot see a difference in the photo. I feel that the opening is larger, but after a few minutes the two ends of the “tunnel” misalign so it still looks small. Is it wishful thinking?


After extended use of a flesh plug, my foreskin got red and sore. I began to dread putting it in because the hole kept shrinking and I’d have to jab it hard. But if I let it rest, the hole would get even smaller than before, so I removed all of the PTFE tape and persisted. It only hurts during insertion.

I am now testing whether the soreness was due to the Astroglide Gel. Water based lube is supposed to be harmless, but it’s not designed to be sealed inside your skin for hours. I have switched to pure coconut oil (eg. for cooking) and I’ll know in a couple of days if that helps.

Coconut oil can be used as a sexual lubricant and also cures yeast infections.
It’s not extra virgin any more! Honestly I’m not a natural healing freak, but I’ve learned that coconut oil can be used as a sexual lubricant and it also cures yeast infections. Plus, it has delicious flavour.

Week 4

Erect penis with pinhole phimosisWTF just happened? It was hurting so I took the weekend off stretching. Now the pain is gone, but the hole has shrunk so much it takes two minutes to pee. I am worse off than when I started! Nothing fits in. I’m back to using the tiniest knitting needles to try to open it a little. I do this for 10 minutes at a time. This opens it so I can insert a flesh plug.

Flesh plugs below 3mm are tough to find, so I built some out of Q-Tip shafts and PTFE tape. Is this dangerous? I had a nightmare that it went inside and I had to go to the ER.

Build your own flesh plugs from cotton swabs and PTFE tape
Throw away the cotton part! It is bad to put it in you.

My new rule is: Slow progress is good progress. I wear the flesh plug for no more than one or two hours at a time. If it hurts to put in, I use a smaller one.

Sometimes removal can be a challenge. The best way to remove a flesh plug is to give 10 or 20 gentle tugs. Amazingly it will just slip out. Here’s a photo that describes what I mean.

Hope this helps the two other people on the planet with my exact problem.
I hope this helps the two other men on the planet who have such a tight foreskin

Week 5

Erect penis with severe phimosis (tight foreskin) Something’s happening! That opening is definitely getting larger. It feels amazing to have done all this work and have something to show for it. I’m like a kid again. I keep sneaking off to look at it.

This week I lost my ability to pee with pinpoint accuracy. It’s golden showers everyday. I will never again able to sign my name in the snow, a Canadian tradition.

The trauma of week 4 was a blessing because now I know my limits, and I can create flesh plugs of arbitrary sizes. Whenever I feel ready, I wrap another 6cm of tape around the flush plug and continue my journey, increasing size by fractions of a millimeter at a time.

Week 6

Erect penis with pinhole phimosis

Ouch! I had another invisible tear two days ago so I stopped stretching while it healed. When I took the weekly photo this morning everything had shrunk down again. It’s getting routine now. Be as careful as possible, but if there’s pain, wait 36 hours for it to heal. Then continue with the smallest tool that fits. Within one day all prior progress will be regained. 

I was able to try sex, and as I’d been warned, it is a little painful now. Thrusting pulls at the skin, and the edges hurt. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. On the other hand, breastfeeding has temporarily given my partner the sex drive of a brick.

Week 7

Penis with phimosis after stretching

Stretching is damn hard. It’s only slightly easier than training for a marathon or losing 20 lbs. Each morning when I wake up I am back to the original pinhole, but after an hour of stretching I can work it back up to the previous dimensions.

I’m now wrapping 36cm of PTFE tape around a Q-tip shaft to create the flesh plug of about 5mm in diameter. If the original opening was 3mm, that means there has been skin growth of 67%. I estimate I will need at least 35mm so I’m 2/32 or 6% there. Skin follows an exponential growth curve, like money in a retirement account, so I expect faster progress later.

Week 8

Penis with phimosis

Although it looks bigger, I am recording the size based on the diameter of the flesh plugs that I can fit through. The largest stays at 5mm, same as last time.

Do you know what happens when you seal moisture inside your skin for hours? The Candida fungus that is always present takes hold and grows. My flesh plugs create the perfect environment for a yeast infection. The tip is painful, I can see a cut around the ring, and it burns when I urinate.

Canesten clotrimazole cream for yeast infections, in drug store
Since I don’t need the applicators, my wife put them with the kids’ paints.

I went to Shopper’s Drug Mart and bought a tube of clotrimazole vagina cream. I use it as lube to insert the flesh plug. I’m not sure it’s making a difference yet. Because of this I haven’t been able to move up at all, but at least I maintained the growth I’ve had.

It is the week of PAIN. It hurts like nothing I have ever felt to insert and remove the flesh plug. I have a burning at the tip when I pee. I hope the pain is because of yeast and not something more serious. To make sure, I also bought one dose of fluconazole.

Against all the advice on the Internet, I am stretching through the pain. It will shrink back to nothing if I stop.

Week 9



Through the yeast infection, I managed to move up by a fraction of a millimeter. Today the pain is much less so I’m wrapping 72cm of tape around the Q-tip to create a flesh plug of 5.5mm. The amount of tape is getting unwieldy, so I ordered a bag of inexpensive Coolmorph plastic on ebay. These plastic pellets melt in warm water so you can shape them. Soon I will be able to create tiny plastic things of whatever shape I want.

All the flesh plugs that I made so far. Beyond 6mm they become difficult to make and use.

Week 10

Penis with phimosis


I can’t say enough how managing the yeast is helping. With flesh plugs sealing moisture in, yeast in inevitable, so I use a kid’s medicine syringe to inject 0.5 mL of clotrimazole cream into the opening every night.

Since it doesn’t hurt anymore, I can push in larger flesh plugs. I’m up to 6.5mm. I have to start the day with a smaller one, but a few minutes later I can move up to the larger size.

Week 11

Penis with phimosis

button (3)

I can see the meatus! This is super exciting. I’m not sure why everything’s on top like that. As far as I know, the slit should be on the bottom. I guess I’ll find out after the big reveal.

This week I’m up to 7.5mm. You can see two little cuts because I got overexcited again and tried to put in an 8mm. My new way of dealing with a tear is to keep stretching, but not so aggressively. Just stretch enough to prevent shrinking. I’m applying the yeast cream every night.

I got this $12 vernier caliper from Home Depot. It can measure in 0.1mm increments. Yes, I tested it on my penis.
This $12 vernier caliper from Home Depot can measure in 0.1mm increments. Yes, I tested it on my penis.

Flesh tunnels still won’t go in. To insert a flesh tunnel, you have to fold it to make it smaller. But there’s no way to fold an 8mm one. It just won’t work. My Coolmorph plastic arrived but I’m not sure what to do with it yet.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I have post-natal depression. It can happen in fathers too. My baby is five months old, and I just want to SLEEP or get away but I can’t. Nothing’s fun. I’ve lost 8 lbs this month cause I don’t feel like eating. At least my penis progress gives a little joy. But I’ve no desire to use it for anything.

Week 12

Penis with phimosis

Steady progress. I managed to get up to 8.5mm. Not much to say, so I’ll give a tip. If you ever find your skin is too slippery to grip properly, use a piece of toilet paper to grab it.

I’ve noticed that urinating less satisfying than it used to be. If you’ve ever had a pinhole, you’ll know what I mean. Urinating takes a minute or so and it was ever so slightly stimulating before. Now the only feeling is emptying the waterfall and it’s over in 10 seconds. That’s the only thing I’ll miss.

Week 13

20150209_092157 (1)

button (3)

Sorry, I’m doing something called nofap and I couldn’t help the wetness. It always does that now.

My pugnacious prepuce has rebelled against my efforts this week. I missed stretching one day because I forgot my kit at home, and it shrunk. The next day, I literally didn’t have five minutes free to do anything, because of my kids. Now I’m back to using a 7.5mm plug.

It’s probably for the best. I’ve been so motivated by the progress that I’ve gotten used to a little pain when I put in the flesh tunnels. There should never be pain. When I looked inside I realized that I’d been scraping some skin from the inside wall. As it heals, myofibroblasts are going to pull it together. There’s nothing to do but wait it out, and learn from it. Once again, slow steady progress is how to win at stretching. I wish I’d listened to my own advice!

Week 14



You have to take a step backwards to take two steps forward. I was stretching too fast before, and inside the foreskin was raw and some was getting blistered. I was learning to ignore pain. That’s bad.

I stopped stretching entirely for three full days to let it heal, and I’m glad I did.In the previous photos the skin was thickening and swollen. Now the skin feels soft and more pliable than ever.  I’m advancing more slowly now, fractions of a millimetre at a time. I’m up to 8mm.

Pain is bad. If you feel pain, stop for a few days and let it heal up.

Week 15

Penis with phimosis

Still going slowly. I’m waiting for my flesh plugs to fall out before I move to the next one. The opening is 8.5mm again, same as week 12. But this time it’s not swollen or traumatized at all. That’s the advantage of going slowly.

Here’s some exciting news: My phimocure kit arrived!

The large ones scare me

I couldn’t help it: I tried the smallest 10mm ring. Folded up, it went in with no problems. But it didn’t want to come out. I eventually yanked it out. It was like being stabbed. I leaped across the bathroom. Read all about the incident here.

I hope to be ready to use them within two weeks.

Week 16

Penis with phimosis
The whiteness is from zinc-oxide diaper cream that I use to moisturise.

Did I mention I’m not happy with my home-made flesh plugs? Every few days they cause a tiny tear and I have to wait for it to heal. This week I found I could fit in two Q-Tips (Cotton buds) and pull apart like tiny fingers.

Phimosis stretching with Q-tips
Stretching my foreskin with two Q-Tips. I do this for 10 minutes at a time, three to four times a day.

This method is not recommended on the Phimosis Discussion Board because remnants of cotton can stay inside your foreskin and cause infection. I’m taking the risk anyway. I only need to get to 9.5mm so I can use the first Phimocure ring.

Week 17

Penis with tight foreskin
The outline of the white circle is the tight ring that I stretch. Inside the circle, the lighter area is the inner foreskin starting to fold out.


The Q-tip method is working well. Since I’m no longer using flesh plugs, it is difficult to measure precisely. I’ve increased the opening to at least 9mm. Only another half millimetre to go before I can use the Phimocure!

Sitting there for 10 minutes is certainly boring. When I’m at home, I set a timer on my phone and then switch to Netflix to help pass the time. When I’m in a public washroom, I stare at the door.

Bathroom door graffiti
Most of the time it’s not even this interesting.


 Week 18

Penis with phimosis
Its starting to do tricks. The lighter inner foreskin is showing.

After stretching for a week with the two Q-tip method, I managed to get the 10mm phimocure ring in, and more importantly, out again without pain. I pinch the ring into into a heart shape to make it smaller and push it in, then let it snap open. Sometimes this task is easy, but when the foreskin rolls out it is hard to get it inside the tight ring. I wear it for an hour at a time every day. It’s still a little too tight.

Week 19

Penis with phimosis

I’m still waiting for the first Phimocure ring to do its work. I wrote a review of the rings. The smallest ring hurts for a few minutes after I put it in, but then the pain subsides. Removing it stings. Despite the soreness, it doesn’t seem to be damaging the skin. I still do the Q-Tip stretches in the morning and at night, and put in the ring for about an hour during the day.

Week 20

Penis with tight foreskin

Is it working? I feel progress is stalled since I switched to Phimocure. I tried to use the next ring size (11.5mm) but it didn’t even unfold. I’ll keep at it with the 10mm for now.

That white ring is worrying. Maybe the ring sits in the wrong place. I might try giving a couple of days of rest.

Week 21

Penis with phimosis

As I found before, a break for a couple of days works wonders. The first evidence that the Phimocure ring was working was it was getting easier to pull out, and the sting afterwards was absent. I put in the 11.5mm ring and it unfolded entirely this time. It is still tight but doing its job. I leave it in for an hour a few times a day while I spend time with my kids.

Week 22

Penis with phimosis

I have nothing to report this week.

Week 23

Penis with phimosis

These pictures are useful. Without them I wouldn’t see my progress, but it at least it looks like something is happening since week 18.

For the past three days I r everted to the Q-Tip method because the 10.5mm Phimocure ring caused a small cut. I’m also treating for yeast just in case.

Since the pregnancy 16 months ago, I had sex a second time. I was able to climax in minutes. I attribute this success to nofap, rather than my changing foreskin. If you’re having sex problems, try not to masturbate for at least a week.

Week 24

Penis with phimosis

I’m feeling great today.

For the first time in my life, I was able to poke my glans with my finger. My first impression: Wow, it’s squishy like a stress ball. “Is that normal?” I asked a circumcised guy on Twitter, and he confirmed that, yes, the glans is generally squishier than the rest. In all my 35 years I never expected that. My skin always covered it so tightly that the pressure made it equally hard all around. I wonder if, once revealed, it’ll mushroom out and be even bigger.  The Circumcision Diary guy had that happen after his surgery.

If I just lightly touch the glans I barely feel anything, compared to the foreskin. Only when I apply some pressure do I get a pain like poking an eye. I’m so glad I didn’t get circumcised. The foreskin has nearly all the sensation compared to the glans.

I only used Q-tips all week to stretch (10 minutes, 3 to four times a day). In addition, I’ve been injecting a moisturizer to keep everything soft. Skin grows better if it doesn’t dry out.  My new hobby is lotion-making, so I whipped up one in my kitchen using these ingredients:

  • 15% coconut oil – for texture, water barrier, and smell.
  • 15% vitamin E oil – for skin healing
  • 7.5% emulsifier wax – to mix water & oil
  • 5% zinc oxide – for wound healing
  • 0.5% Germall Plus – for preservative
  • Distilled water

It’s a strange hobby. You can use any moisturizing cream with as few ingredients as possible. I find a lotion works better than a pure oil, because it contains water too.

Week 25

Penis with phimosis

Here’s what it’s like to touch my glans for the first time.

First of all, I feel like my fingers should not be there. I feel like I’m touching an internal organ that shouldn’t be touched. Imagine you had a deep wound on your arm, already healing, itchy and sensitive, and you are running your fingers around inside. You feel each light touch as something many times larger than it is. You feel like you should stop, because you might fuck something up and cause some serious damage.

It is sensitive. It is like poking an eye, painful, but with overtones of nasty pleasure because it is the end of my penis. It is like running your fingers on the pink, new skin that grows on a sunburn.

At the same time, even being highly sensitive, it is numb, when compared with the foreskin. With my fingertip, I can lightly tap my foreskin, over and over, with the barely the weight of a housefly, and be driven to ecstasy in minutes. But if I tap my glans this would not happen unless I pushed on it.

This video explains the difference. The glans is like the back of your hand. Touching your foreskin is comparable to lightly touching your palm. Only it’s much more sensitive.

Week 26

Penis with phimosis button-29.7

I’m making quick progress these days. I estimated the opening to be 12.5mm in diameter. The foreskin was starting to get thick and swollen, so I took a three day break where I did nothing. Afterwards I recovered all the progress and more.

Here’s a disturbing trick I can do now. When I pull it back hard, the glans starts to squish and slip through. It doesn’t hurt much, but I always freak out and stop.

I use a caliper to carefully measure it’s thickness, thus determining the diameter of the opening.

Week 27

Penis with phimosis buton-34.4

Steady progress. I’m thrilled. Now I’m averaging 5% a week, which means about three months to go. Once again I took a two day break in the middle of the week for recovery. I’m still using only the two Q-tips, stretching three to five times a day for 10 minutes. Also I squirt in some lotion every day to keep it moist.

I can see my complete frenulum now, and it is only about 5mm long. I’ve got to remember to give it a tug for a minute every time I pee, as is recommended on the Phimosis Discussion Board. If the frenulum is too short, it could prevent retraction even if the opening is large enough.

Week 28

Penis with phimosis


No change from last week. It happens sometimes.

Week 29



There is some visual progress. I don’t know how to measure the diameter accurately.

The Q-Tips are very narrow and they are digging a notch into my foreskin, so I came up with something else. My skills with modelling clay begin and end with “the snake”. Even so, I was able to craft these stretching devices out of Coolmorph plastic.

Roll a the plastic into a tube. Slightly flatten the tube into an oval shaped cross section. Then as it hardens, bend the ends to create a hockey-stick. Make sure there all the edges are rounded.

I use them like two fingers, to pull and hold the opening for 10 minutes at a time.

Week 30

Penis with phimosis


Just more of the same. I haven’t been stretching as often as I should. A few days I only did twice. I’ve got to keep at it.

Week 31

Penis with phimosis

Week 32

Penis with phimosis

I’m mostly using the Coolmorph plastic things to stretch now. I made larger ones, and I use a drop of Astroglide lube to help get them in. I can’t wait until I can use fingers. They will be much better.

I still use the steroid cream whenever I remember.

Week 33


Week 34


The wetness is Astroglide lube from stretching using the Coolmorph sticks.

I’m also giving the Phimocure rings another chance, wearing them for an hour at a time as often as I can. I was able to fit the fifth one in today but it hurt a lot.

I thought the white skin was scar tissue, but based on this post it might be smegma. It’s not disgusting like it sounds: It just looks like a layer of white skin. I’m not going to try to scrape it because I still can’t access more than a thin ring, and I think it would hurt. Olive oil is supposed to work well when the time comes.

Week 35


Slow progress. Looking back, it seems to have slowed when I switched from using Q-tips to the Coolmorph sticks for stretching. I’ll have to try something else.

Week 36

Penis after stretching phimosis

After reverting to the Q-Tips for stretching, I can feel the difference. It seems to be looser and when I remove the 4th Phimocure ring, the pain is much less.

For some reason I have not discovered, the thick Coolmorph sticks that I created did not work. The thinner Q-Tips are better.

Week 37

Penis with phimosis button-47.5

I am using Q-Tips as well as the 5th phimocure ring (18.2mm) now. When I pull it out, I feel sharp, stinging pain, so I only use it a couple of times a day when I know I won’t get 10 minutes of bathroom time. The Q-Tips work very well, but they are digging a notch into the side of my foreskin again. I try to shift them around to avoid the notch when I stretch.

Week 38

Phimosis stretching (week 38)

Week 39


Not too much happening? I have to figure out what’s holding me back and fix it.

Week 40

Penis with tight foreskin

Since I wasn’t making progress, here is what I changed. It seemed to work.

  • Stricter about stretching. At least three to five times a day for 10 minutes.
  • I wear a Phimocure ring at least twice a day for an hour each time.
  • I apply the betamethasone cream every night without fail.

Instead of two Q-tips, I am now using this coin-picker-upper I bought at the Royal Canadian Mint gift shop. When squeezed, it pushes outwards. However, I seem to be reaching its limits quickly.

Phimosis stretching device

Week 41

Penis with phimosis


I got sick of using the #4 phimocure ring so I moved up to the #5 (20mm). It was very difficult to get it to unfold. I had to press the crease inside with my finger. Once onfolded, a corner slip out over the rim and it would fall out. After the sixth try it worked. It hurt to go in and hurt to come out. After I wore it a few times (for no more than an hour) it left a circular red cut.

After it heals, I’m going to persevere at the 20mm ring, but I will avoid leaving it in for the full hour.

Week 42

Penis with tight foreskin

After a few more days of stretching using my coin-holder, I could see that the cut wasn’t healing, so I left it for 48 hours with no stretching at all. After the cut healed, I had to move down two rings, but by the evening I could fit in the big one again. I don’t wear it the full hour.

Week 43

Penis with tight foreskin

I nearly managed to retract when flaccid. The top of the foreskin caught under the corona (ridge). It looked strangled, like squeezing a water balloon through a ring. I got scared of paraphimosis and quickly lifted it back over. It felt very strange. I’m looking forward to the new sensations to come soon.

I’ve been strictly applying the betamethasone cream at bedtime each night, and also using the Phimocure ring for 45 minutes twice a day. It does seem to cut into the skin eventually no matter what I try. I allow it to heal and keep at it.

Week 44

Penis with phimosis

I made a wonderful discovery this week. I’ve had lots of problems putting in the Phimocure ring. Sometimes it takes 15 tries to get it to unfold with all parts inside the tight band of skin. However, after applying a dab of Astroglide lube, it unfolds easily and less painfully in only one or two tries.

I’m pretty sure retracting will soon become my third favourite thing to do with my penis. Here are some photos of retracting when flaccid. It looks tight but I don’t have any problems getting it back up if I lift and pull.


So, after 35 years, where is all that smegma? I have NEVER been able to clean under my foreskin and I have not started to either. Why is circumcision considered “cleaner”? There’s nothing under there but never-before touched pink skin.

Week 45

Penis with phimosis

Week 46

Penis with phimosis

I’m getting discouraged. There’s been no real change for a while. Other men are telling me they are moving up a Phimocure ring every week, but I’ve been stuck for six on the same one. I’m going to have to try something different soon.

Week 50

Penis with phimosis


If I work up to it, I can insert the next Phimocure Ring (22mm). I’ve been stretching with Q-tips 3 times a day and wearing  the smaller Phimocure for a few hours a day.

Week 55

Penis with phimosis, phimotic ring visible

Five weeks later, and not much change. You can clearly see the phimotic ring now. This is the tightest part. It is as thin as a thread and does not expand. Here is what happens when I pull down further while erect. This is not very painful, but it stings when the skin is uncomfortably stretched.


I thought the ring was caused by some trauma with the phimocure rings, but since it is clearly the tightest part, I no longer think so. It is just what used to be the tiny 3mm circle.

When I wear the rings, sometimes they are painful and other times they are not. I have now discovered why. Imagine an elastic band holding some cloth around a cylinder. Sometimes, some skin bunches up and is trapped under the tight band, being strangled. Blood flow is cut off. Careful placement of the rings are essential to make sure no skin is trapped under the phimotic band.

Week 57

Tight foreksin retraction


Major breakthrough this week! Several commenters were saying that they leave the phimocure rings in all the time, even overnight. I had tried this before and it left a bleeding ring. But due to my lack of progress, I decided to try again, but move down a ring size. I found a size that I could put in and leave in with no pain, but would still stay in. After two days I had no problems, and it was getting very loose, so I moved up a ring size. Two days later I tried again, in this video:

The ring in that video was a little too big, so I’ll go back down a size. But I’m very happy to be back on track! If only I had tried earlier, I could have saved 16 weeks of work.

Week 58

Penis with phimosis


Leaving the ring in all the time is working! I’m very happy. I moved up to the 7th one, which is 22mm in diameter.

Week 59

Penis with phimosis


I can now retract fully when erect, but not easily. For these photos, I pull only as much as I can comfortably.

All my life, sex has been frustrating. Orgasm was a treacherous mountain climb. I would try, and sometimes if things were exactly right and I went long and fast enough, I could reach the mountain top and climax, but if I lost my focus or something moved then I would stumble to the bottom and it wouldn’t happen.

This week, I have for the first time experienced sex the way it was meant to be, and surprisingly while wearing  a condom. Usually, a condom means there is no chance of me enjoying it. This time, I was able to pull back the skin all the way before I put the condom on.

The difference is amazing. No longer was it an exhausting mental battle to get to the mountain top. Instead, within seconds, I was airlifted to the path right at the summit. If I wanted to I could leap up to the top and climax. Instead I wandered around with my partner, giddy, gazing into the sunset, smelling the fresh mountain air and appreciating the beauty around me.

For once, I wasn’t the one left behind, sitting on a bench and saying, “You go on,” wistful but content. No, this time, my wife took my hand and we strolled together all the way to the top, and we both enjoyed our journey.

I am on ring nine and there are five left. Here are the ones I’ve gone through so far, arranged like badges on my night table. I am wearing one 24 hours a day and moving through them about every 3 days. Though they are working amazingly well, today I will switch to Phimostop because they have sent me some samples to review.

Collection of phimocure rings

Week 66


I was making great progress, going up ring sizes every few days, while wearing them all the time. Then I got a yeast infection. By the time I got over it a week later, it shrunk down eight sizes.  I tried desperately to get back to where I was, but in the process, wearing the ring so long made a tiny cut my frenulum.

The frenulum is very sensitive, and it made wearing rings impossible for a few weeks. Luckily, these gifts arrived from Japan.


I could have used Q-tips again, but with the Glansie (commision link) lying around my house, waiting to be reviewed, I used it instead. I was able to stretch without involving the frenulum and let it heal. Within three weeks I quickly approached the limits of the tool. It certainly works.

Last week, somebody posted that they found “finger stretches way more effective than rings“. I had never done finger stretches since I couldn’t fit in two fingers before. But this prompted me to try again. I was able to wiggle in two fingers. I can finally confirm that finger stretching is very effective. The constant feedback of being able to feel the tight ring in your hands, and pull it as hard as you find comfortable, without the risk of injury, makes fingers the best tool you can use.

The phimotic ring feels just like  thread, and leaves a mark when you pull it.

Week 72


Finger stretches are very effective and I highly recommend them. They have much less risk of injury than any other method. I do them for 5 minutes 3-5 times a day and I can feel the difference. I can fit in three fingers now. At this point, the limiting factor is my frenulum, which always wants to pull it back up. Because of this, I was never at any risk for paraphimosis, when the foreskin gets trapped in the retracted position.


The tight ring seems to pass through the frenulum. I am still not sure if this was caused by the Phimocure rings when I was wearing them too long.

Week 82


I’ve been stretching with my fingers, but my enthusiasm for this project is diminishing as I approach the end. As I look at the white stretch marks, run my fingers over the hard white bumps, I start to fear that I have lichen sclerosus, but then if I did, how would I have been able to get this far? The frenulum presents a new challenge, though. I have been stretching it with equal intensity, and if it is changing, it is happening very slowly. Admittedly, I can see a difference now that I look at the photos from 10 weeks ago. I’ll keep it up and let you know.

Someone else messaged me on twitter to thank me. He has gone from 10mm to 30mm using overnight flesh tunnels, in 2.5 months. He also applied a moisturizing cream. It is inspiring to hear other people’s stories, but why is my journey taking so long?

Week ??

I’m not sure how many months ago I considered myself done. After giving up a little, I went back to using the Glansie, then reached its limit in a few days, and then finger stretched a few times a day. I still do — it’s a part of my life now. I still have phimosis,  but a very mild case. My frenulum is short and fat and holds the skin back. I think I stretched it too, albeit mostly horizontally. As I write this, I wear the fifth largest Phimocure ring, and continue to stretch, but I have full mobility of my foreskin.


Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Read the guide.


You can get instant updates on the status of my penis on Twitter. Follow @PhimosisJourney for humour and tips. All puns are very much intended.


206 thoughts on “Pictures of my penis

  1. Hey, I have totally the same penis as you have on the last picture and this white ring is the problem to me. The skin on there “breakes” after sex and its horrible feeling. You know what that is?


  2. I’m so pleased I found this. However would appreciate advise. My son is only 10, he seen a doctor yesterday who suggested circumcision for a very tight foreskin that seems to be restricting growth. His Penis is very small and after a swimming lesson other boys laughed at him. Bloody cruel kids!! I refused circumcision as I think it’s mutilation. Much to the Dr’s annoyance. However, would stretching help on a child? Are other procedures like preputioplasty just as bad? What about dorsel slit? I’m worried that these could go wrong as doctors seem very happy to chop away. I obviously want to make sure as a man he’s happy with his Penis and it grows correctly. However I really think keeping his foreskin is best. ( I suspect the Dr himself would have been circumcised as he was middle eastern. He told me that surgery the best option ugh.) Does tight skin restrict Growth? Thanks in advance for any advice given.


  3. Hello,
    I have been reading a lot about phimosis (i am a sufferer) and all i got was getting circumcised or stretching is best exercise.. But the level of Phimosis i am into, i couldn’t understand where to start or look into. Then i came across your blog, and i share the feelings. My skin is so tight i could barely even see the opening ( i cant even put in single cotton stub a.k.a Cotton Q tip)
    By reading your story i have been motivated to try new methods and not give up.
    Thanks for amazing experience

    P.S. i am about to get married in a month. i am not expecting any progress so soon but i want to know, with phimosis of my degree, will having sex with my partner any damaging/painful… ?


  4. i am 19 years old with opening is very small so i cant dio two finger hold. i wanted to use the q tips method but the problem is i dont know how to insert it when i have to make a funnel shape using my hands. please advice


  5. Firstly well done and also thank you! I didn’t want to be circumcised as the glans of my penis is too sensitive, without lubrication if touched the pain is unbearable. Doctor said this will fade after operation but you should expect a lot of pain post op. My condition is at about 33 weeks on your progress. I want to ask you a question, how did you have children? I cannot have sex without a condom on. Thank you once again!


    1. Thinking that circumcision would result in an insensitive glans proved not to be the case for me. After my 10-year getting the foreskin to remain retracted I still have as much pleasure as before that period. So in my view, circumcised guys still have as much pleasure as us foreskin guys.


  6. Great information and excellent work you have accomplished. I had no such problem but it took me 10 years to get my foreskin to stay back like a circumcised penis. You certainly had to endure much more that this.


  7. Great information and excellent work you have accomplished. I had no such problem but it took me 10 years to get my foreskin to stay back like a circumcised penis. You certainly had to endure much more thatn this.


  8. Wow, really glad, and not at the same time, I found your blog! I refused to allow my son to be circumcised even though his father is. When I asked the pedi about needing to ‘work’ the foreskin back and when I should do that I was told it wasn’t necessary … now he’s 7 and it’s not coming back like it should.

    It’s definitely not as bad as yours (looks about the same as your week 29 progress), but probably would be if I’d not decided to do some research now and help him get it stretched while he’s young – just didn’t seem right that it still wasn’t coming back over the tip by now :-/

    Really, thanks for being brave and sharing your journey – it looks painful and I don’t even have a penis!!


    1. There is no reason for a 7-year-old to have a retractable foreskin. The average age for first full retraction is 10 and a half. In fact, under ideal circumstances a parent would never seen their son’s glans; it would first separate and go back at an age that he is old enough to look after it on his own.

      The foreskin was designed to remain at least partially fused to the glans until sexual maturity. In Europe and most of the rest of the world, boys are left to explore foreskin retraction on their own well into their teen years, without problems in 99% of cases. There is more harm that could come from trying to work it back before it’s ready. Puberty changes everything, and no diagnosis of phimosis or preputial stenosis can be made before then unless there is damage/scarring.

      It may not have seemed right to you that your son’s foreskin was not “coming over the tip”, as you call it (glans), but it is in fact very right. Even if the glans doesn’t appear until he’s ready for his driver’s license, it’s still within the range of normal. I don’t know where you have been getting advice that boys should “work back” their foreskin before puberty, but it’s wrong. Some boys can spontaneously do it at 3 years old, and others not until 18. By 18, 99% of boys have a normally retractable foreskin on its own.

      None of the techniques in this blog should be applied to an elementary school age child.


      1. Thank you for that reply!! I’ve just left a previous comment as I had a Doctor tell me my son should be circumcised yesterday due to tight foreskin but he’s only 10! I’m really against it and refused. As long as he can urinate I’m thinking maybe I should leave it and see if pubity changes things. Not that he will want to tell me by then. But I could always show him this blog.


  9. Woow this is a lot of work and patience. Congrats on the progress. I have a question tho. A “friend” of mine, I think has this condition I only saw it once which made me look it up I wasn’t even aware of this condition. And I’m not sure if I should approach him with this. I mean is it gonna be uncomfortable for him or embarrassing to talk about? I’m not dating him we’re kinda just friends.. any advice on the condition not the nature of this relationship


  10. you did an great Job. people in the same boat can understand the problems.

    I have also cured phimosis myself but I am still working on Frenulum breve. were you able to detach it from glen?


  11. regarding the comment below, it is a bit scary when your foreskin snaps back in to the groove behind the head and you can’t get it to go forward again. But a simple method is to compress the head, pushing the blood out of it, by squeezing it gently but firmly with your fingers until it shrinks somewhat in size. Then your foreskin should be able to be eased forward again. When I stretch I do get precum because it is somewhat arousing at times.


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