Seven Mistakes You’re Making When Treating Your Phimosis

You have a tight foreskin and you’ve heard that daily stretching can help. Before you plunge in, here’s some of the common mistakes that men have made.

Stretching by pulling down

162804555Most kids and teens will eventually pull down their foreskins by — ahem — repeated attempts. Some adults have reported success with this method. But it has some drawbacks, and there is a far better way.

  • If it hasn’t worked already, it probably won’t work now. Penile tissue is too flexible to provide enough force to stretch adult skin.
  • Accidentally retract too far before you are ready, and it might get it stuck. Paraphimosis can be painful, because you will then need to pinch your sensitive glans for a few minutes to reduce its size and carefully lift the foreskin back over it. Ouch!
  • You probably have a short frenulum as well. Pulling backwards will then bend your meatus (the urinary opening), and then you might have problems peeing straight.

The correct way to stretch is to get one or more fingers in and pull outwards and away from the body. Flesh tunnels and other safe tools can help if you can’t fit a finger inside.

Phimosis stretching diagram

Stretching unhealthy skin

asian_elephant_trunkSkin naturally contracts as it heals, so it is essential that you get the skin healthy first. Healthy skin should never crack or split or get red lines. It should not smell bad, even if you have never cleaned inside.

The most common problem with foreskin is a Candida (yeast) infection, which you might not even know you have. If you have cracking skin, redness, or pain then it couldn’t hurt to treat the fungus with a cream containing clotrimazole. You will need to check the women’s section of the pharmacy to get it.

Using antibiotic creams and soaps

1950-snake-oil-is-wonderful-stuffThe inner parts of your body have a flora of healthy bacteria that fights off other contaminants. If you upset this balance, then you could develop an infection. Wash using only water.

As a moisturizer, you may use diaper creams containing few ingredients, i.e. Zinc & Caster oil. Virgin coconut oil from the grocery store is also good.

You may have heard about creams that will help in stretching. Corticosteroids are not necessary, but can help you progress faster. Only a doctor can prescribe a corticosteroid of the proper strength. The cortisone cream that you can buy over the counter is thousands of times weaker, and will not be effective.

Letting a urologist discourage you

“Stretching? Take my advice: It won’t work for you.”

Urologists study many things, including cancer, kidney problems, and erectile dysfunction. Minor skin issues may be outside their field of expertise, but they know that a circumcision will work 100% of the time. Nobody who stretched ever went back to tell the doc it worked. Success cases simply never return.

Stretching is something you need to do every day for a few minutes. Doctors have a hard time getting people to do something as simple as take their pills on time. When your doctor says stretching won’t work for you, he or she is really saying that you won’t put in the effort.

When your penis is at stake, you can prove them wrong. Skin expansion is backed by science and recent medical studies.

Not having patience


The amount of time it will take depends on a lot of things:

  • Do you have a few millimetres or a few centimetres to go? Skin cells can only grow so fast. In general, the larger opening you have, the faster progress you will make.
  • Are you stretching every single day, several times? Whenever you are not stretching, the skin will slowly return back to its original shape. Break it up into several sessions each day to stay ahead.
  • Can you use a passive stretching method? Supercharge your stretching with a silicone flesh tunnel or something you can leave in for several hours at a time.

As a general guideline, after two weeks of stretching every day, you should start to see some changes. Some lucky guys might be done in a month, and extreme cases may take six. In any case, you should continue stretching for a few weeks after you reach your goal to make sure the changes stick.

Stretching with surgery scheduled

Doctor with Stethoscope Holding A Very Large Knife.When you cut into skin, it forms scar tissue and contracts. Loads of men who have had preputioplasty or partial circumcision operations end up worse than when they started. In Canada, doctors will not perform a preputioplasty. The government will not pay for one, because they have a high failure rate, and patients have to keep returning to the operating room to fix things.

If you don’t have the patience for stretching, and you cannot live with your tight foreskin, then circumcision will certainly work. Though a few regret it, many men who are circumcised for phimosis could not be happier and wish they’d done it sooner. On the other hand, getting surgery is a major life event that can take more than a year to arrange, worry about, and heal from. Stretching is easier and has fewer risks. Moreover, after researching the foreskin you may find that it has important sexual functions that would be fun to exercise.

Like a fitness program, stretching has its down days, and weeks will pass when nothing happens. Men who attempt stretching while they wait for surgery will always give up. The lesson is: don’t consult for surgery if you want to keep your foreskin.

Not being fully committed

729139Stretching is a lot like beginning a fitness program. Loads of men try it, then stop. You have to find your own motivation. Why are you doing this? What do you hope to get from it? Focusing on your goal will help get you through the toughest weeks when nothing seems to be happening.

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16 thoughts on “Seven Mistakes You’re Making When Treating Your Phimosis

  1. i have something of a severe phimosis. i am 19 years old. i cant put fingers in my hole and while stretching i have developed a tear. what should i do


    1. You very likely have a yeast infection. See your doctor to clear it up, before attempting to stretch, or it will build up scar tissue. If you can’t see a doctor, anything over the counter for women’s yeast should work.


  2. I live in India and my country is not very open about these things. I’m also kind of embarassed to go and see a doctor regarding this. What is the worst that can come of using betamethasone cream? I heard it has side effects. I mean…I feel kinda shy to walk up to a doctor regarding this.

    My foreskin’s opening is small and I think I got type 3 phimosis.


  3. I used the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher balloon treatment. My Doctor prescribed it for me. It worked well. After two weeks i was able to fully retract my foreskin and within 6 weeks I had no concerns of my foreskin getting stuck. You can actually order the Novoglan kit online from their website. I just prefer to see a doctor first. Just stick with the treatment for a month or so and stretching will work for most guys.


  4. I’m not a doctor, but I don’t see any harm leaving it retracted, if it doesn’t hurt. Wash with water daily.
    If you leave it retracted all the time, you might lose some sensitivity after several months, but that should be reversible.


  5. Yeah I’d be keen to know that as well. Thats what I’ve been doing too. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for sharing your story. I have had phimosis for about 9 years now(I’m 29) and being a really sexual person it has been soul destroying to live with. Tried the steroid cream once a few years ago and it improved slightly but still not enough to have pain free sex, I wasn’t stretching as well just applying the cream. I had just given up until about 10 days ago when I stumbled onto this site and started stretching right away.Now 10 days later I’m about 75% back to normal.So really thank you so much! I just feel so lucky to be so close to normal again.


  6. I myself had severe phimosis. Keep streching and use nirgundi oil for greasing on our inner penis both during streching and sex. You will be able to have sex. My personal experience.


  7. Hi, I have one question. The problem is phymosis I have from an early age. I started to do exercises for some time with two fingers like I found instructions on the Internet. And in the beginning I couldnt see head of my penis but now after some time of exercies i can drag foreskin to the end but it can go back only with my little help, however, if we i do not push foreskin back ,it will remain below the penis. Does this mean that my ring is narrow, and the foreskin is stuck because of that ?Should i just need to do extend the ring or is something else like as paraphimosis, i don’t feel any kind of pain while doing that, i can even masturbate correctly but again my foreskin remains at the bottom of my penis if i dont push it back. Thanks for help ( I posted this again so u can see it, dont respond if you already did, thanks again )


  8. hi i m 25yrs … i m also paraphimosis surgery…. after 21days… my penis skin r not to normal its like foreskin …..stiches are gone…. what should i do now to my skin is normal.


  9. I am 67 years old, and I have a problem with phimosis for the last two years. I have consulted with a urologist and he advised me to use two two creams: one for candida, and also neoprene (?) for 15 days. At present, my foreskin has become tighter. Please guide me on what I should do. I don’t want surgery.


  10. I’m very appreciative of these seven steps. I will admit the first “stretching” diagram looks painful but its worth showing it. It’s giving me a very good visual as to how much stretching to do, especially after a week or two.


  11. Urologists get a fat fee for doing a circumcision. It runs about $3,000. Some recommend circumcision to anyone who comes in with an intact foreskin. They have a conflict of interest between the patient’s best interests and their pocketbook’s best interests.

    One should always regard a urologist’s recommendation for circumcision with suspicion and caution.


    1. I have phimosis but it is not the worst. I am able to retract my foreskin past my penis head when I’m flaccid. When I’m erect it does not retract past my head. Is it beneficial if I leave my foreskin retracted behind my head all day or is it bad for me?


      1. @Anonymous: I’m not a doctor, but I don’t see any harm leaving it retracted, if it doesn’t hurt. Wash with water daily.
        If you leave it retracted all the time, you might lose some sensitivity after several months, but that should be reversible.


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